Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable Vape Watermelon Cherry Flavors

The Lost Mary MO5000 is a portable rechargeable vape with an impressive 13ml of ejuice capacity and a 500mAh battery. It features a beautiful design and exotic flavors that are sure to impress.

A pleasing mix of ripe watermelon and authentic cherry notes with a hint of ice. A perfect choice for fruit lovers!


A classic fruit flavor with a refreshing twist. This blue razz flavour mixes a satisfyingly sweet fruity experience with a hint of ice that refreshes and balances the overall profile.

Kiwi Fuse Lost Mary MO5000 rechargeable vape delivers a tropical blend of kiwi, passion fruit and guava flavorings. This exotic flavor profile is both engaging and complex, making it perfect for vaping all-day.

Cherry Lemon Lost Mary MO5000 rechargeable vape offers a well-balanced taste. This flavor mixes a tangy lemon zest with sweet cherry notes and a delicate amount of ice that adds a cool zing to this delicious flavor. A must-try for all citrus fans!

Ginger Beer

With a hint of ginger beer that uplifts your senses, this flavor is sure to be a winner. The lemon blend adds a tangy kick to this classic cherry flavor, without overpowering it. This is an authentic taste sensation that will uplift your vaping experience, whether you’re relaxing at home or out with friends.

Strawberry Mango

A true nic salt classic, the Strawberry Mango Lost Mary MO5000 disposable delivers a delicious combination of rich fruit and bold confection flavors. The strawberry taste is sweet and juicy, complemented by the nectary sweetness of mango to create a delightful tropical flavor fusion. You’ll love this tasty treat, which lasts for days in this convenient 13.5 ml device.

Cherry Lemon

The 5% synthetic nicotine salt in this Lost Mary MO5000 Watermelon Cherry provides a smooth inhale that soothes the throat without the harshness associated with higher-strength nic salts. There is a slight ice flavor on the exhale, but it’s not as intense as some other icy flavours.

This Lost Mary MO5000 comes with a variety of different fruit flavours. Mango Peach Watermelon mixes a sweet Alphonso mango and ripe peach with a refreshing watermelon taste. Energy Lost Mary recreates the familiar taste of a popular energy drink.

Lemon Sparkling Wine Lost Mary combines lemon and ginger beer vape juice flavors with a light ice taste on the exhale. Other options include Citrus Sunrise Lost Mary, which stirs a freshly squeezed orange taste with other tropical fruit tastes, and Black Mint Lost Mary, which combines a refreshing icy mint with a lightly picked blackberry flavor.

Citrus Sunrise

This flavor is a delicious blend of sweet watermelon and cherry flavors, complemented by the perfect amount of ice. The result is an exotic vaping experience that is sure to captivate your taste buds.

The Kiwi Fuse Lost Mary MO5000 rechargeable vape offers a tropical blend of tangy kiwi, juicy passion fruit, and guava flavors. The mixture delivers a flavor that is rich and complex, yet not too overpowering.

The Grape Jelly Lost Mary MO5000 rechargeable vape delivers the familiar taste of classic grape jam in each puff. This flavor is engaging and not overpowering, making it perfect for all-day vaping.

Blue Trio

The Blue Trio Lost Mary MO5000 disposable vape is a must-try for any vaper who loves fruity and refreshing flavors. It features a mango, peach and watermelon flavor fusion that is sweet and delicious.

This flavor is perfect for vapers with a sensitive throat because it doesn’t have a harsh menthol note. It also delivers a rich and smooth experience that is perfect for new vapers.

Kiwi Fuse is a tropical flavor that features a combination of kiwi, passion fruit and guava. It’s a deliciously refreshing blend that adult vapers can enjoy all day long. Each e-liquid has been specifically formulated for the Lost Mary MO5000 vape device with a draw activated vapor system and a rechargeable battery. The device has a 13ml e-juice capacity and a 5% nicotine level, providing a smooth and satisfying experience.

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