3D Crystal Diamond – Bring Your Loved Ones’ Memories to Life

Cherish your loved ones’ memories forever by adding their photos to a 3D crystal diamond. This will look fantastic for any occasion and a great way to keep these special moments close to your heart.

A diamond is made up of a cube with groups of five carbon atoms arranged tetrahedrally around the edges and at 4 sites within each cube. This tetrahedral arrangement enables the diamond to have extraordinary hardness, strength and durability.


A 3D Crystal Diamond is an excellent way to create a unique and stunning keepsake. They can be customized with any photo and come in many different sizes. You can even engrave a message or inscription on them to make them more personal.

They are also an excellent marketing tool for your business. You can place them in jewelry stores, gift shops, marinas, and cafes to promote your business or event.

You can laser engrave photos onto these diamonds to transform them into 3D versions of your image. However, you should keep in mind that you can only have so many faces engraved on the stone. If your photo has more than three faces, it will be engraved in 2D instead of 3D.

Personalized crystals are one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give your loved ones. They will cherish them forever. They can be engraved with a picture or message and light up with LED lights. They are perfect for any occasion or moment.


Diamonds have a unique atomic structure. They have a very 3D network of carbon atoms. This makes them hard and insulating.

A diamond is also very symmetrical. It has 12 edges and 8 faces, 6 corners, and a single inversion center.

It is a special form that can be seen in a cube (Figure 7.56, Chapter 7) or an octahedron (Figure 7.57, Chapter 7). The symmetry of a crystal affects everything it contains, including its faces, edges, corners, mirror planes, rotation axes, and inversion center.

It can be found in the minerals halite, fluorite, and cuprite, too. Each of these has a cubic symmetry in its unit cells, which are the basic building blocks of a mineral.


3D Crystal Diamonds are a great way to display your favorite photo. Not only will they bring your memories to life, but they’ll also make the perfect gift for a loved one or yourself!

To get started, locate the picture you want to turn into a custom design. Next, choose an appropriate canvas size and your preferred diamond shape.

You can even add an engraved message to your diamond if you prefer! This may be the best way to showcase a special photo and create a lasting keepsake.

As with any custom diamond painting, shadows can be a challenge to render. Our design software automatically tries to predict closest matching colors per pixel, but this can sometimes result in over-correcting for dark and inconsistent spots on the face and skin – a fancy term we call “confetti”. We have spent hours poring over color matrixes to ensure that your custom diamond art has the most accurate shadows possible!


Laser engraving on diamonds has become a popular choice among couples who want to express their feelings for one another. This process involves using a micro-laser beam to inscribe romantic or secret messages onto the diamond’s girdle.

These personal inscriptions can include names, wedding dates or a simple ‘I love you’ message. Personalized messages can also be a great way to add to the resale value of your jewelry or make it unique for your partner.

Engraving can be done in a variety of fonts and styles, so that you are sure to find something to suit your needs. You can also choose from a range of crystals, which are able to accommodate 3D layered designs that can include text and images at different depths.

These laser engraved diamonds are ideal for awards ceremonies, recognition gifts and promotional paperweights. They can be engraved with event logos, business names or university symbols, making them an eye-catching and memorable souvenir for your guests.

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